Da el primer paso con la fe. No tienes por qué ver toda la escalera. Basta con que subas el primer peldaño. Set your intention and let the Universe decide how are you going to reach it.

lunes, 6 de febrero de 2012

Believe in your dreams...

… and make sure that they become reality.
Believe in your dreams. Believe in you. Take care what you wish. Make sure that it blesses your heart and brings joy and happyness to you.
How do dreams can become reality?
With faith and perseverance…
Do not stop. Keep believing…  In you, in your dreams.
Never never never give up.
Trust you and your wishes. Keep it in your heart. Work for them. Be patient.
The hardest part is the beginning…
If you do not do it for you, nobody will do it. People will give a hand to you if they see you working.
And not at last, believe in God. And pray for everything. Constantly.
Follow the road till your dreams.  There is alway one... even if you see it or not.
So keep your eyes open in order to find it.

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